Well it has finally happened, the Mario Butts, everyone's favorite T-shirt icons, now have their own page at Bobopolis. Finally there is a place where a Mario doesn't have to worry about how high his pants are and can feel free to show his glorious Mario Butt off to the world.
Know Bobbys Wardrobe Game
Know Bobbys Wardrobe Game 2
The Mario Butts are not the only characters that can be found on Bobby's shirts. There are also dinosaurs, musicians, and caped crusaders. Test your knowledge on The Know Bobby's Wardrobe Game. After that if you are still thirsty for wardrobe knowledge, head down to the Know Bobby's Wardrobe Game II. This second, more up-to-date game will give your brain the workout it's been missing. After playing both of these you'll know everything you've ever wanted to know and more about Bobby's wardrobe.

Mario Butt Theater Presents...
Enjoy some classics from the greatest story tellers ever to show their butts ....
Hincy and the Beast
Planet of the Chimps

David Henry Mario Butts are in love, la-de-dah-de-dah-de-dah, with David Henry, boom-ba-boom-ba-boom-ba-boom. The Mario Butts are not the only ones who love David Henry, though, now there is a complete list of David's Lovers - check it out! David Henry

Ready to be scared? Ready to be be freaked out? Well if you are then the Mario Butts would like to introduce you to their new friend Jof. Jof is the master of the scary story. His stories are so scary that they make the Mario Butts soil themselves. Now that, in itself, is scary. Jof

Pill Bug Olympics The Pill Bug Olympics, what can be said? A collection of the world's greatest athletes, maybe not. An athletic event unparralled by any the worlds ever seen, okay not even close. Ten times more entertaining than soccer, damn straight. Yeah, it is that time again. Time for athletes from around the world to gather on the small island nation of Buggland to compete in a series of games unique to any other sporting event. It is time now for the Pill Bug Olympics!

Come one, come all, the Mario Butts are proud to announce Camping Trip 2000 the first choose your ending story on Bobopolis. This story is based loosely on the camping trip Bobby and some of his buddies took on Columbus Day weekend 2000. Now you too can experience the adventure. Not only that but as you read you can choose what will happen next. NOTE: Camping Trip is a popup window. Camping Trip 2000

Camping Trip Bobby and his friends have decided to take another camping trip over Columbus Day weekend. This time however there is a slight problem, no one can find Pill Bug. The camping trip can't continue until Pill Bug is located. Can you help the campers find Pill Bug? It's time for Camping Trip 2001!!

All the Pakimons have been rounded up by loyal Bobopolis citizens. Now you can enjoy their wild and wackiness in the Mario Butt's state of the art Pakimon display exibit.

Beware: The Big, Giant Tree From Hell

Mario Butts Mario Butts